Jae Chung

Jae Chung is an entrepreneur with an education in architecture, economics, and finance; with extensive work experience in international business, both the high tech and venture capitol world and practice as a restaurateur.

Jae’s most recent endeavors include his new coffee company, Sodoi. Jae’s love of coffee began as an architecture student in Germany, where he would carefully budget his expenses, always having enough left for his prized pleasure, a great cup of coffee.

Jae’s love and appreciation of great coffee stayed with him throughout college and into business and global enterprises. Coffee was the constant for Jae; the one place to return to where a good cup could provide comfort, restore energy, and re-kindle inspiration.

To Jae, coffee is one of the great communication tools that can bring people together, a drink that can be shared worldwide. Jae used the words of Martin Luther King Jr. as an inspiration to begin his coffee journey. “Even if I knew the world would end tomorrow, I’d plant an apple seed anyway.” Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to make the world a better place, and Jae’s response is, “So do I.