Pictures of people connecting, laughing, and enjoying life.

We are a purpose-driven company, born out of the firmly established foundations of nearly 200 years of coffee industry expertise. Yet, we believe providing great coffee is not enough. We have combined our passion for people and our passion for coffee to bring to the community a place where people – whether coffee novices, coffee connoisseurs or even non-coffee drinkers – can come together to learn, enjoy and share the Sodoi spirit.

Sodoi is a group of people who can be defined as those who 1) will never give up, 2) are always truthful and 3) love life. Our goal is to be the place that comes to people’s minds when they want to think about their life, with other coffee lovers, while enjoying the inspiration of other Sodois.

By building and encouraging vision and dreams of enjoying life with other Sodois, the Sodoi spirit will help create a HEALTHY community. We are not just in the coffee business, we are also in the people business, delivering hope to people and communities, while serving the finest coffee.