Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin is known for his creative and inventive designs, including telescopic lenses, innovative speaker systems and Porsche auto racing motors.

Bob’s love of mechanical design led him to his partnership with Alfred Peet of Peet’s Coffee and the Roastery Development Group, where Bob launched into a decade of building, refurbishing, and installing coffee roasters, grinders, and all related coffee production equipment. Bob applied his mechanical skills to examining just how every nuance in the equipment affected the flavor and aroma of different coffees.

Bob eventually found himself wanting to put his personal stamp on a coffee brand of his own. With the help of his coffee friend and mentor, Alfred Peet, Bob’s spirit of coffee settled on a little cafe by the railroad tracks and for the next 23 years Main Street Coffee thrived as a part of the coffee community.
As Main Street Coffee came to a close, Bob soon parented with Jae Chung to lend his coffee expertise into Sodoi. Bob offers his generous spirit and advice to Sodoi and makes a great asset on the coffee team.