The Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

In the specialty coffee world few countries have the respect and regard of Costa Rica. For decades they have supported the industry with special conferences, agricultural support, and have encouraged something we might call “coffee tourism”. At it’s best Costa Rican coffee can have it all, full body, floral aroma’s, and bright acidity that can stand up to the full range of coffee roasting.

Costa Rica is blessed with several distinct coffee growing regions each of which tend to highlight variations in flavor complexity. Probably the most famous of these regions is Tarrazu. The rich tradition of coffee growing and processing in this area assures that year after year they have produced some of the finest washed coffees available anywhere.

Sodoi carefully roasts our Costa Rican offering to tame the brightest elements of it’s high acidity, and bring out the richness of its body, while preserving the berry like nuances of its complex flavor.