Could there possibly be a more famous coffee that Colombian? For years Colombia and coffee have been synonymous, helped of course by the ever-present advertising figure of Juan Valdez and his coffee sack laden donkey onto the screens of American television even at the Superbowl. Nevertheless there is reason to say that Colombian coffee does live up to it’s hype.

For generations it was the second largest coffee producing country in the world behind Brazil. And still comes in either second or third place since Vietnam has entered the coffee market in a big way. The best of Colombian coffee’s are truly exceptional. This is a region where paying attention to small unique farms producing micro lots of coffee can really pay off in a big way.

Every year there are literally thousands of samples from various farms and regions. Most of it gets gathered up by the giant conglomerate coffee operations. However there are a number of unique and exceptionally special coffees from small holder farms.

Sodoi seeks out these micro lots with great care to cup and cup and cup again until we find the unique complexity and richness that truly represents great Colombian coffee. The classic Colombian flavor profile is medium to full body with a combination of sweet and tart that makes for a very rich and complex taste.