At SoDoI, we live by the three values of 1) Never Give Up, 2) Always Be Truthful, and 3) Love Life. We also want to recognize individuals who we have seen live life in those ways. As a result, we want to present our SoDoI Award!

At SoDoI, we search for individuals who really have the heart of SoDoI. Individuals that not only know our core values, but live them out in their lives and everything that they do. From the moment Hannah first came to SoDoI, the one thing that was apparent was her love for people and serving others. Her love overflowed from her and was present in everything she did. We are so honored to have her as part of our family! From taking care of and feeding the sick to constantly serving her community, she is an amazing blessing because of the love in her. Everything she does, she does with her whole heart and with a smile on her face. We are more than happy to recognize Hannah as a true SoDoI!